Beth Ditto stuns at her sold-out solo gig in New York City

Saturday night, Manhattan megaclub XL was packed to the gills with shrieking fans. A famous lesbian crooner who was recently in the news for disorderly conduct was in town. No, not Justin Bieber — even better. Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto was in New York City to perform a special solo concert, and her special flavored dance-punk milkshake brought all the boys – and girls – to the yard. Ditto brought down the house with her single “I Wrote the Book” and a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Fans came as far away as England, and gym toned boys could be heard screaming, “I love her. NO, I LOVE HER!” as the venue pulsated with dance beats.

All photos by Grace Chu

The audience was peppered with celebrities and nightlife icons. I spotted Debbie Harry and Amanda Lepore in the conference room of the adjacent Out Hotel, where Ditto was primping for the show. JD Samson (pictured below) was part of the DJ team for Beth’s set. Parker Posey and Michael Stipe were also reportedly in the house.

Ditto was concerned that the photographers in the press pit would accidentally snap a photo of her tampon string, but fortunately, that did not happen.