Netflix Reality Shows Need MORE Lesbians

We need more reality tv lesbians

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead & opinions are all my own. 

If you’re a fan of trash TV, you’ve probably delved into Netflix’s abundance of reality shows. From Selling Sunset to Too Hot To Handle there’s something for everyone. Or, is there?

One common theme in the Netflix reality show docket is the lack of lesbian representation. Especially in the dating or social shows like Love is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot To Handle. Not only is almost everyone white and small size, but they are generally also straight.

Of course, there are some exceptions. For instance, in Too Hot To Handle, Francesa Farago made waves for kissing her friend Haley, but also for hooking up with now-ex, Harry. However, did you know Francesa is actually bisexual? Something the show blatantly ignored as they geared the entire thing towards straight couples.

Likewise, in Netflix’s hit Love is Blind, there was also a bisexual person in the cast. Carlton Morton proudly stated in the show that he was bisexual, only to be perceived with biphobic misunderstanding from a lot of the cast. Carlton ended up being one of the first to leave the show.

Selling Sunset and The Circle also have a vast casting, however, not one of the people on the show has stated that they are not straight. This, in essence, is fine. Maybe things just worked out that way. Maybe the only people who could be on the shows are heterosexual people. Maybe.

Or, is Netflix doing a really bad job finding lesbian, gay and bisexual cast members. Can only straight people make their way onto their reality shows? Come on, at a certain point this is a numbers game, and in real life there are just statistically going to be a few out homos.

So far, not one of these Netflix original reality shows has featured a prominent lesbian. It is almost as if Netflix will have to put out a separate reality show just for lesbians that fills that need for diversity. Does that in turn create an “us” and “them” narrative? If a lesbian-only dating show comes out, will you watch it? I mean, of course, yeah, but that’s not the point! 

Netflix reality shows need more lesbians

If we want to strive towards equal representation, then we have to put in the work. When Netflix drops its latest reality show, what can you expect to see? Yes, it will be filled with drama as the cast is put into unique situations and environments. But it will also feature lots and lots of straight, white people who fit in with the media’s idea of what “beautiful” means. That lacks the diversity that Netflix prides itself on in its other shows, and it’s worth noting that Netflix does try to be as inclusive as possible.


Netflix writes its show to normalize being gay; from Trinkets to Atypical, their latest work has been all about coming out at a young age and why you should feel safe in doing so. If that’s the case, how can they release show after show that’s “based in reality” and not have a single lesbian cast member? Or if one of the cast members is part of the rainbow community, they basically keep it a secret?

Not to diminish the work Netflix has done to strive towards equality, rather, we need to ask Netflix for more. While a lesbian-centered reality show would be amazing, lesbians could have also been included in the reality shows that have already dropped. Thirsty lesbian and bi women watch trashy TV too, people! The Circle and Love is Blind could have easily featured lesbians and bisexual women in their roundup. Instead, Netflix has curated a divide in their reality show category and perhaps has taken a step backward for inclusiveness.

Food for thought!

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