EXCLUSIVE: “DTLA” star Erin Daniels talks missing “The L Word” and working with Emma Watson

It is a truth universally acknowledged that lesbians have an eternal affection for fictional characters and the actors who play them. So when Logo announced that Erin Daniels would guest star in their new original series DTLA — a drama that revolves around the lives of two gay men, Lenny and Bryan, who have reached the breaking point in their long term relationship — we jumped at the chance to catch up with her.

Daniels, of course, played lovable goofball Dana Fairbanks for three seasons on The L Word, before her character met an untimely demise that still makes lesbians shake their fists and scowl. Since TLW, Daniels has guest starred on numerous TV shows, filmed a couple of pilots, and she recently completed work on Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring. But when she called me up to chat, she told me her pride and joy was Dana Fairbanks. Well, Dana Fairbanks and the two beautiful children she’s given birth to in the past three years.

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AfterEllen.com: We were so excited when we found out you’re guest starring on DTLA. Can you talk a little bit about the series and about how it found its way to you?
Erin Daniels:
Thank you. My friend Larry Kennar, who I met when working on The L Word, created the show. He came to me and asked if I wanted to do it. I love him, so of course I said yes. I really like what the show is about. I play Dr. Carol Lazenby, which is a great name, and I’m Lenny and Bryan’s therapist. So, I’m helping them cope with the differences in their relationship. One of the cool things is that it’s not about the fact that it’s a gay relationship. It’s just a relationship and she’s just a shrink. And I love that. Oh, and Dr. Carol Lazenby gets to wear fabulous shoes.

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AE: I know you just gave birth to your second child — congratulations, by the way! — but you also recently finished filming Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, right?
Yes! I’ve got a nice little part in it. The film, itself, is kind of shocking. I don’t know if you remember, but the film is actually based on the true story of these kids who were tracking celebrities on Twitter and using that information to break into their houses. And they were getting away with it! I mean, it was nuts! Eventually they got caught, because they got a little greedy. So, Emma Watson plays Nicki, one of the Bling Ring ring leaders, and I play her lawyer. I sit with her in her Vanity Fair interview and I take her to court, the whole thing.

AE: Did you get to wear fabulous shoes?
No, they made me wear sensible shoes! Which was appropriate, I guess. I have to save my fabulous shoes for Logo.

AE: Did you enjoy working with Sofia Coppola?
Oh, yes. She’s so laid back. And, by the way, she has great style. She makes casual look so cool. I was actually filming a TV pilot for Fox while I was filming The Bling Ring, and I was very pregnant. Well, OK, not very pregnant. But it was right as I started showing, so I went to my doctor and I was like, “Can I do anything to minimize this baby bump? I mean, am I going to crush my baby?” And I was really showing when The Bling Ring finished shooting in April, so they had to dress me very creatively, and I’ve got a briefcase conveniently covering me up in some scenes.

AE: It’s kind of blowing my mind that you’re Hermione Granger’s lawyer.
[Laughs] I know, right? Well, Emma Watson is adorable, and she’s talented. I really enjoyed working with her. I also have a special fondness for Taissa Farmiga [who plays Sam, another member of The Bling Ring]. She is whip smart and so sweet and funny. I’ll be very lucky if my daughter grows up to be a little like her. That film was just a really great experience.

AE: Can you tell me about the pilot you shot for Fox?
I did a couple of TV pilots recently. I did one that didn’t get picked up, and I did a pilot for IFC that I believe will be airing next summer. It’s called Marin. I really enjoyed shooting it. It’s funny. I love funny.

AE: Are you open to going back to shooting a TV series full-time?
I would love to do another series. You know, my life is so different now than when I started The L Word. I was single and kids were like a fantasy back then. Now, I’ve got two kids. I’m married. So I’m like, “Mama’s gotta get a job!”

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