Uh Huh Her on their upcoming dance album, headlining Dinah Shore Weekend

By the time Uh Huh Her plays The Dinah in April (they’re headlining a live show on Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m.) they’ll already have begun the task of writing an anticipated new album – only the third full-length album since they picked up their guitars together six years ago.

After the lesbian rock duo tweeted this month about the rumored album number three, ardent fans have been taking to Facebook and blogs to make their own guesses about how it will compare to Nocturnes, the band’s very successful second full-length album loaded with hits like “Human Nature” and “Darkness Is” (the tracks even landed on soundtracks for The Kids Are All Right and Twilight), and their third EP – aptly titled EP3 – from which fan favorite “Not a Love Song” had so eloquently sprung.

We caught up with both Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey to talk about playing the popular Palm Springs party, certain lesbian television shows that begin with The L Word and what you’ll find on their own playlists these days.

AfterEllen.com: You recently posted about a possible new album on Twitter. Is this the dance album everyone’s been waiting for?
Camila Grey:
That’s the goal, yes. We start production this week and we’re very excited. We’re working with some amazing people!

AE: As you get ready for Dinah Shore, how do you plan to keep things fresh for fans who have been following you since the early days of Uh Huh Her?
Leisha Hailey:
We’re working on new songs for the show in April, so hopefully the set won’t be too redundant for the ladies. I’m still fresh as a daisy, so not to worry.

AE: Any plans to collaborate with other artists at Dinah?
No, I’m not really familiar with who is playing this year. I’ve kind of been in a bubble.

AE: Writing, no doubt. How has your music changed since you both got started with the band?
I think that I’m much more willing to explore new territory as I think we did with Nocturnes as well as our latest EP3. I think as time has gone by, I’ve become a better producer and engineer and thus the sound has gotten so much better, in my mind, from our first effort I See Red. I’m less concerned about perfecting everything and so much more focused on the intention behind the song and the feeling of a piece of music. I am really excited to make a dance record because we’ve never really focused solely on one genre. It will be a fun challenge.

AE: What have you learned from being in The L Word spotlight? Dare we ask, but do fans still expect to see Alice?
I have no idea what the fans expect anymore, to be honest. I always just show up as myself. Hopefully, since I’m in a band and have been since 2006, they can see past that character and try to appreciate the music we’re making. I’m so appreciative to have had that experience as an actor; however, I hope people are able to differentiate between that and actual reality.

AE: You’ve been so immersed with music for the past few years. What female artists are you listening to these days?
Nina Simone, Haim, Blonde Redhead, Portishead, Bjork, RiRi.

AE: Who else is on your playlist?
Azealia Banks, Rihanna, Apparat, Air, Big Black Delta, Depeche Mode, Billie Holiday and Ella F., Nina Simone.

AE: Any plans to get back to acting again?
I always am open to acting! Pilot season is coming soon, so I’ll certainly be participating in that. I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens.

AE: You both toured Europe last year. What’s the music scene like there compared to the U.S.?
I think when we play the music scene in Europe there’s a palpable excitement in the air every time we’re there. I’ve been over there with many different bands that I’ve played in, and we are always noticing that very thing. People get really amped for the music, and there’s a genuine excitement and energy. Maybe it’s because American bands don’t frequent there as much and perhaps that’s why? I don’t want to say Americans aren’t “excited” about music. It just feels different there — hard to articulate.

AE: What’s one of the most memorable moments you’ve had on stage?
It’s hard to define just one moment, because there have been so many. I honestly couldn’t tell you. They’re all special in their own ways — good or bad.

AE: You stripped down the playlist a bit for your last tour. Will you perform any acoustic songs at Dinah?
Acoustic and Dinah don’t seem synonymous to me [laughs]. I always like to amp up the set list and be as loud as possible to match the energy of the ladies. Perhaps we can throw an acoustic one in for good measure, but it will be terrifying.

AE: Being a Dinah veteran, what’s the best advice you have for revelers and artists alike?
Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and Cam says, “Keep your pants on.”

Uh Huh Her will play Club Skirts’ The Dinah on April 7. Visit thedinah.com for more information.