Vintage Web Series: Zoie Palmer’s Girlfriend Gives Her Emotional Crabs in “Seeking Simone”

Some of our favorite moments at AfterEllen HQ happen when we are reminded about the fictional lesbian origins of our favorite TV characters. We always get a kick out of remembering Jessica Capshaw as Bette Porter’s lusty graduate student in The L Word. Or Bianca Lawson as a maybe-murdering lesbian psychopath on the super short-lived For the People. Yesterday, when we were whipping ourselves into a frenzy about the upcoming Lost Girl finale, we remembered that we’d seen Zoie Palmer play a lesbian before Dr. “Hot Pants” Lauren Lewis. In 2009, she made a brief appearance on the Canadian web series Seeing Simone.

Here, see for yourself:


I actually rewatched both seasons of the web series yesterday, and enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. I also went looking for some info about whether or not they’re ever going to follow-up on season two’s cliffhanger, and it looks like they’re working on it!

OK, now show of hands: Who would risk emotional crabs to date Zoie Palmer? All of you? That’s what I thought.