EXCLUSIVE: Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly talk “Warehouse 13,” Bering and Wells, and Nerdsbians

Lesbian and bisexual TV viewers love their subtext, so when Syfy’s Warehouse 13 introduced Jaime Murray to the cast as H.G. Wells — yes, that H.G. Wells — during season two, we immediately noticed the sparks between the time-traveling novelist and Joanne Kelly‘s special agent Myka Bering. But it turns out, we weren’t just imagining things. At various sci-fi and comic conventions over the years, both Murray and Kelly have confirmed that H.G. and Myka are more than friends. “We fell in love a little bit,” Kelly once told a cheering crowd at Comic-Con. With the show set to kick off season 4.5 on April 29, we decided it’d be a good time to chat with the women about their on-screen relationship, their lesbian fans, and the power of sci-fi heroines.

AfterEllen.com: So, next Monday, Warehouse 13 finally comes back us.

Jaime Murray: It’s been a long time coming. We shot it all together, without a break, so it seems like a while ago, right Jo?
Joanne Kelly: Yeah, it really does. But I’m excited for the fans to see it.
Jaime: Me too. Warehouse 13 is one of those shows that just keeps getting better and better.

AE: What can you tell me about what you’ll be up to this time around?

Joanne: This time around we’re trying to save the world — again. It’s a heady task. There are hijinks involved. One of the big differences between filming this season and last season is that season three was thirteen episodes, but season four is 20 episodes, so it’s such a different rhythm the way they build story and narrative. Season four has some tight storytelling. I think the fans are going to enjoy it. Jaime and I got to do some really special scenes.
Jaime: Yeah.
Joanne: [Laughs] Yeaaah.
Jaime: [Laughs] I love those scenes. We were having a conversation with [executive producer] Jack Kenny about our characters and he was like, “Oh, you know, they’re just really good friends. And I’m going home for the day.” And were like, “Mmm hmm. OK, then. Bye, Jack.”
Joanne: Oh, and we also go to work with Jennifer Lynch in that scene. It was amazing to have a woman in the room, as a director.
Jaime: Yes, she was really excited about our episode. She brought her own special energy to it and allowed us to really play with some stuff that we wanted to, you know, play with.
Joanne: It was a really good time.

AE: The next question I have written down is “Can you tell me about Myka and H.G.?” But you guys just went ahead and answered that.

Joanne: Oh, there’s so much we could tell you — but we’re not going to! You’ll just have to wait!
Jaime: [Laughs] But it’s also like you were saying before, Jo, the thing about saving the world. That’s the great thing about sci-fi: Everyting is a little skewed or a little heightened — or, well, a lot heightened — so you’re not dealing with mundane issues. You’re dealing with life and death. So you find your heroes and heroines in some difficult situations and they really have to step up. I think sci-fi has really allowed women to shine in some powerful roles. That’s what drew me to H.G. Wells. And I think that’s what drew H.G. and Myka together.
Joanne: I agree.
Jaime: I mean, H.G. is an eccentric women. I don’t think she’s ever really cared what anyone else thought of her. She’s just doing her own thing. So when she finds herself in the future and meets Myka, she meets, for the first time probably, a woman who is as strong as her and as dedicated as her. In the 1880s, she was probably quite an isolated figure. She probably dealt a lot with men. And she had to work under her brother’s pseudonym. As a women, she wasn’t even allowed to write under her own name. And then she meets Myka, and she’s like, “Oh, thank God. I’m not completely alone in the universe.”
Joanne: I also think it speaks to Jaime’s strength as an actress that she brought so much to the table in setting up that relationship. We are so lucky to have her. You know, we have a very male set. There are a lot of dudes around. So to have another woman come in, one who is so smart and so interesting — I’ll just say H.G. Wells wasn’t H.G. Wells until Jamie stepped into her shoes.
Jaime: Oh, you!
Joanne: It’s true; you know it’s true.