Hey lesbians, stop asking Portia de Rossi to chicken dance when you see her on the street

It seems crazy to say that we’re only three days away from new episodes of Arrested Development, but season four really does launch this Sunday night on Netflix. One of the best parts about the return of the greatest sitcom of our time is how much press Portia de Rossi has been doing for the blessed event. Why, just today, The New York Times printed an interview with her and Ellen also keeps releasing clips from Portia’s appearance on her show. (Of course, it’s not really just an appearance on Ellen. When Portia guests, it’s a very special event and they center the whole hour around her, which is adorable and also perfect.)

Portia’s NYT interview is pretty standard fare, except for the part where she opens up about what drives her bonkers about her fans.

NYT: Do you get approached more often on the street by Arrested Development fans or Ellen fans?
Portia: A little bit of both, actually, and both want us to dance, which is really annoying. They want me to do the chicken dance and they want Ellen just to dance for whatever reason. But I love when fans talk to me about Arrested. It always seems like they know more than I do about the show. It’s kind of shocking.

Come on, lesbians, be better than that! Portia is not a flawless marionette created to cavort around like a barnyard animal for your amusement! You can watch that chicken dancing GIF on repeat on Tumblr for hours at a time. Look, here it is. Stop being weird when you see Portia and Ellen on the street.

And the latest clip from Ellen and Jennifer Aniston‘s interview with Portia is just further proof that she is practically perfect in every way.

Now, who’s going to stay up all night Sunday watching the new season of Arrested Development?