Lesbian fandom tweet round-up: Jaime Murray talks G-Spots, Zoie Palmer’s cat ships Doccubus

It has been one heck of week for gay lady TV fans. We got our first real glimpse at The Foster and Mistresses. ABC Family kicked off the summer season of Pretty Little Liars with a recap episode. Jaime Murray and Mia Kirshner hopped into bed on Defiance. And Warehouse 13 punched us in the soul in a beautiful way. While you were busy watching all the lesbian things, you might have missed some of this week’s best fandom-y tweets, so we’ve rounded them up for you.

Jaime Murray is feeling super proud of Staha Tarr’s sexual prowess.

Pretty Little Liars writer/producer Joseph Dougherty confirms that Lindsey Shaw is back on set for episode 409, which, according to my math, means that whatever thing all the couples in the summer finale will be doing is also a thing Paige McCullers and Emily Fields will be doing.

Mia Kirshner has arrived on the Lost Girl set for the season four #LGBTnerdsplosion, and even though she’s nervous, Lost Girl boss Emily Andreas thinks she’s the bee’s knees.

JLo channels Harper Lee when talking about The Fosters.

On the surface, Zoie Palmer‘s cat is just jealous of the new kitty in his house; but really, he’s making a thinly veiled reference to the fact that Lauren Lewis will not share Bo Dennis with anyone! Including Tamsin, yo!

Jaime Murray understands that Myka’s heartbreak over H.G. is as horrible as the Red Wedding massacre on Game of Thrones.