Afternoon Delight: Tig Notaro’s go-to-hell attitude

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

Happy birthday to Anna Kendrick, Gillian Anderson, Rhona Mitra, Audrey Tautou, Melanie Griffith, Liz Vassey and Jessica “Dr. Arizona Robbins” Capshaw!

Jessica Capshaw


While I’m extremely impatient for S3 of Homeland, the trailer seems to indicate that it’s going to make me really, really sad:

Reminder, Jodie Foster’s sci-fi film Elysium is now in theaters. I’ll definitely be seeing it this weekend and you should too!

Buzzfeed posted an interesting, lengthy profile of Tig Notaro and the last year of her career. Among other things, we learn that one of her childhood nickames was “Huckleberry Tig,” that she was raised by her mom to have a “go-to-hell attitude,” and at least one of her friends thinks she’s like “The Fonz.”

enhanced-buzz-wide-5029-1376019837-12-tignotaroPhotograph by Elizabeth Weinberg for BuzzFeed

Beyoncé showed off her adorable pixie haircut to the world. Bisexual actress Evan Rachel Wood likes Beyoncé’s look almost as much as I do.

This is one of the best headlines ever: “French Woman Renting Her Breasts To Feed Babies Of Gay Dads.”

Rumor has it UFC Champion Ronda Rousey will join the cast of Fast & Furious 7 alongside Jordana Brewster and Michelle “Mitchie Likes Sausage” Rodriguez.

Annette Bening will be bringing her talents to the stage. Bening will star in Ruth Draper’s Monologues at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA from April 8-May 18, 2014.

CBS is developing “a medical soap based in New York City, inspired by the characters and themes immortalized in The Wizard of Oz.” The series is cleverly titled Dorothy and will be produced by Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman.

Look out Ruby Rose, there’s a shark behind you!

Kate Winslet has signed on to star in the drama The Dressmaker. The film revolves around “a couturier who, after years abroad, returns to her small Australian hometown where she was accused of murder during her childhood.”

Attention South of Nowhere fans! There is a SON convention on October 19 at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal. The event will feature the show’s stars including Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Aasha Davis, Valery Ortiz and Maeve Quinlan.

In case you were wondering, yes, Tyra Banks “needs some ass.” Celebrities, they’re just like us!

Tweet of the Day!

Tegan and Sara love their music almost as much as their fans do.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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