Brandi Carlile leaves Columbia Records to make the album she wants to

Three of Brandi Carlile’s four studio albums have been released on Columbia Records (and one live album, too), but the out musician says she’s left the label to do something different on her new effort, to be recorded this fall. Brandi told The Seattle Times her bandmates, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, will join her in going to a secluded cabin in the San Juan Islands once they are finished touring for the summer.

“We’re not going to record anything we write because we want to try something different on this record. The vision is to go in completely unplanned and record it unrehearsed … and see if for the first time in our recording career we can capture some of that really spontaneous magic that happens when you don’t have to send demos to the record label to get permission to make the record.”

Brandi Carlile In Concert - Louisville, KY

Although the split with Columbia was “beautiful and amicable,” Brandi also said “it was just time.” She said she’s thinking the new music will be more of a “a four-on-the-floor rock ’n’ roll record,” which will definitely be a change from Bear Creek‘s country-tinged tenderness. Brandi is still a country fan, though, and said she’s felt “completely welcome” being out and in the presence of some of the genre’s stars.

“… I’ve spent time with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert and Reba McEntire. These guys are really progressive. They strike me as open, loving, down-home people.”

Somehow Brandi has not gotten the recognition she deserves in any one genre, whether it’s country, rock or pop. It’s not that her songs aren’t accessible, or that she isn’t one of the hardest working women in show business, because they are and she definitely is. Perhaps her crafting the album she wants and marketing herself how she wants to instead of deflecting to a label will help establish her even further and win her some Grammys in the next few years.

It would also be great for Blake Shelton to bring her on as a special guest when The Voice returns for a new season. After all, she did sing at his wedding.

Brandi Carlile In Concert - Louisville, KY

In any case, we can’t wait to hear what’s next.