Watch Now! Tegan and Sara remake “Closer” with dogs

What’s cuter than Tegan and Sara and dogs, that’s what. The Canadian duo remade their “Closer” video with canine companions because there just weren’t enough sufficiently adorable animal videos featuring lesbian sister singing groups. Also because, you know, cute doggies.

Who is a good dog? Who is, who is? Oh, whoops, sorry. I mean, wasn’t that entertaining?

Tegan and Sara made the video for The Pet Collective, an online pet site dedicated to making cute and inspiring animal videos. There’s a behind-the-scenes video, too. Because there’s no such thing as too many shots of Tegan and Sara juxtaposed with Corgis and Pugs.

So, cute or unbelievably cute? Please note, this is Tegan and Sara and dogs, there is no wrong answer.