k.d. lang’s face will be on a stamp

Hammer Museum 11th Annual Gala In The Garden With Generous Support From Bottega Veneta, October 5, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

As of July you will be able to send love letters and Christmas cards with k.d. lang stamps on them. No pictures of the stamps have been released just yet, so it’s hard to know what era k.d. we’ll get, but I’d be fine with several different versions over the years. “Constant Craving” k.d., Vanity Fair k.d., Vancouver Olympics k.d. As I don’t live in Canada, I’m not even sure if I can use Canadian stamps, but I’ll buy them anyway.

k.d. joins a handful of other queer women whose faces have been sent through the postal service, though there have not been nearly enough. In fact, most of these women kept their Sapphic sides private as long as they could. Still, if you can get your hands on them, they’re pretty rad to have for your collection or general mailing purposes.

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