We’re going to the Dinah and you can, too!


It’s been two years since I journeyed to the desert for Club Skirts The Dinah, aka the biggest lesbian party in the universe, but this year’s line-up was too good to miss out on the party. So I’m grabbing my newly purchased DYKE sports bra, my trusty companion Chloe and a camera and heading to Palm Springs this Thursday through Sunday.

We’re your smiley correspondents!
If you can’t make it to the Dinah this weekend, we will keep you up to date all the ladylike fun we are having with Shane, Alice and Tina. We’ll be interviewing the celebs and celesbians (not always one and the same) on the red carpet and in the sunshine (rough job!) but we want your questions!

Showtime's New Series Premiere Of "Ray Donovan" - Arrivals

Thursday night is the annual comedy show, with one of my faves of all time: Erin Foley.

Comedian Portraits And Performances At The Ice House

She’s performing with Fortune Feimster, my first-ever Dinah roommate. We were Dinah virgins together, and I’ll never forget.

The best part about that video is if you go to YouTube and look at the comments, someone wrote, “Oh Trish, you’re so silly. Did you get laid in that outfit?” I may be two years late in replying, JurricaChiannaNycole, but that outfit was not worn to find me a suitor.

Also doing some comedy situations: Gina Yashere, who I have not seen before and have heard great things about.

Soul Train Awards 2013 - Comedy Show

“I have no idea what to expect or what we’ll be doing but it sounds hilarious and awesome,” Chloe said. “Since I’m AfterEllen’s resident single gal (gal is my least favorite word and I only use it sarcastically), married muffins Trish and Karman often encourage me to get it as much as possible, but I’ve been on a conservative twist and let them down lately vis-a-vis sluttiness. To compensate, I’ve promised them selection and veto power over any and all of my potential Dinah hookups. I’m really looking forward to making out with beautiful, horrible girls from, like, New York who I’ll never have to see again.”

Ready to mingle
That is the spirit, Chloe!

Our AfterEllen pool party on Friday is going to have some rad cherry chapstick. (Duh.)

“Trish promised me I could give some lucky woman a champagne facial at the AE pool party so that’s something I can check off my bucket list,” Chloe said. “Just yesterday I purchased a high- waisted print bikini, floral crown, and chunky gold chain so I’m really looking forward to attending Dinah as Lana Del Rey.”

That evening is a One More Lesbian Dinah Film Festival with some of your faves from web series like Little Horribles, Nikki & Nora and Girl Gets Girl in attendance, like Aasha Davis and Marnie Alton.


I cannot WAIT to see Iggy Azalea perform Friday night. If you’re not familiar with the rapper, I know you’ll love this Clueless-inspired video she made with Charlie XIX.

And when she plays “Werk,” it is going. down.

Iggy is playing Friday night at the White Party, and she’ll be showing everyone up with that amazing bod. Maybe she’ll come to our pool party during the day! Fingers crossed.

Universal Music Group 2014 Post-Grammy Party