A quickie with Mary Lambert at Dinah

Mary Lambert has had the best year ever, but it seems like she’s poised to keep her profile high for the rest of 2014. We caught up with her on the red carpet at Dinah, where she told us about working on her new album and why she’s not putting out her duet with girlfriend Michelle Chamuel just yet.

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AfterEllen.com: Is this your first Dinah?
Mary Lambert: It is! It’s good! I was so excited, I got into the airport and I was like, “This airport is beautiful!” I was instantly like, “I’m going to go golfing.” I don’t golf but I feel like this is the time to do it. But it’s beautiful here and I’ve never been—there’s so many lesbians. There’s so much gay happening and this is amazing. The energy is really electric, too. It’s really vibrant.

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AE: You keep teasing us on social media talking about how amazing your album is going to be. What can you tell us about it?
It’s so cool! I’m going to be releasing a single for the summer and it’s really fun. It’s something I’ve never really done before but it says close to some of the lyricism and the depth that I want to have but I definitely wanted to go forward with that sort of pop commercial punch. I’d like to be known in the pop world and the record is a whole is really lyrically driven. Everything that’s happening is stuff I’ve never heard before. I’m so excited to write.

AE: Will the duet you wrote with your boo be on it?
ML: We put it on hold. We want to remain autonomous for the time being. It’s really hard to not write music when you’re in a partnership with someone who you love that writes music. We just sat down at the piano and just like sat and played for like 20 minutes.

AE: Because the album is more “pop,” would you say it’s more dancey?
Not dancey but definitely more rhythmic. More rhythm because in my last couple of albums it’s definitely been like a little more mellow, more confessional. There’s still that confessional emotional pull but not as slow. The energy’s different.

Check Mary out on the road this June. Tour dates and more on marylambertsings.com.