Feminist Friday: Fighting for Women

This Week in Ladybits

Just a couple of items in this category this week, but man, are they disturbing.

First up, The New York Times weighed in on the ongoing process of criminalizing pregnant women, specifically Tennessee’s new bill that would allow the filing of assault charges against the mother if a fetus or newborn is found to be harmed by narcotics.

The second story covers America’s growing “abortion desert.” (Hat tip to Lady Parts Justice for the link.) Imagine needing a time-sensitive medical procedure and having to travel 600 miles to get it. And that’s in addition to however many nights you might have to stay for a mandatory waiting period once you get there.

And as you read—for real, read this one—think about the fact that there’s a growing companion push to allow hospitals and pharmacies to refuse to dispense birth control. The logic has always been that a woman can always just drive to the next one. Rural women have known that argument is cruel bunk for a while now. Looks like more women in other areas will soon be finding out too.

If these articles piss you off—and they should—you should piss off at least two more friends and then go vote in the midterm elections together. This kind of horseblow happens at the state and local level, and it happens during the off-year elections when candidates count on only the loons showing up to vote.

This year, be a loon for the forces of good.

This Week in Thinky

The New York Times looked at women politicians taking back terms like “unladylike” and turning them into positives.

Which has nothing to do with Red Sonja writer Gail Simone’s linguistic innovation, but I’m posting it anyway.

The #WhyIDidntReport hashtag opened a lot of eyes and minds.

Lori Adelman, Roxane Gay, Mariame Kaba, and Andrea Smith talked about feminism and Twitter in The Nation.

“From my sheltered perspective, all that proves is that women are better motorcycles drivers, and more elusive criminals.” The excellent Ana Marie Cox takes a deep look at all the equal pay talk you’ve been hearing, and where the real problems are.

And Feministing showed that the “blame single mothers” trope for why child poverty is so distressingly high in the United States just doesn’t add up.

This Week in Ugh

Remember that heartwarming Honey Maid commercial from a couple of weeks ago? Pastor Kevin Swanson says it’s pretty much the same as encouraging axe murder.

So, wait, is The Gay more or less evil when you add chocolate and marshmallows?

A new report shows that one reason women and girls don’t report abuse and harassment is that a sizable percentage have grown to view it as normal.

And our old pal Phyllis Schlafly wants to protect women from higher pay because then where would we find husbands?

Family Research Council Hosts Voter Values Summit

Thanks for looking out, Phyl. Say, you don’t get paid for any of those speaking engagements, do you? Just asking.

This Week in Entertainment

In Comic Book Resources, Janelle Asselin looked at Teen Titans #1 and broke down the anatomy of a bad cover.

418FF 1Image by Kenneth Rocafort, courtesy of DC Comics

…Which led to a storm of vicious insults and rape threats. How sad that the sentence I really should type there is “the usual rape threats.” I liked Jill Pantozzi’s take on the overall phenomenon on The Mary Sue.

To bring your comics mojo back into a happier equilibrium, check out the reviews of Issue #1 of Transformers: Windblade. It’s a book with an all-female creative team and looks like it kicks butt. Mairghread Scott wrote the issue and the artwork is by Sarah Stone, and so far it’s a hit.

418FF 2Image courtesy of IDW Publishing

Slate wondered where the butch lesbians on television are.

Kirsten Dunst caused us all to sigh heavily with her comments to Harper’s Bazaar UK on relationships:

“…sometimes, you need your knight in shining armor. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work…”

I have a feeling that’s news to most of the people on this site.

And Emma Thompson took a break from filming to talk about fighting for roles for older women in film and why it’s like fighting for equality in general. She manages to work in a theory about women’s sexuality getting more threatening as we mature because she is fun in every way possible.

Jameson Empire Awards 2014 - Inside Arrivals

This Week in Awesome

18-year-old Megan Grassell didn’t like the fact that her little sister didn’t have any bra options that weren’t hypersexualized. So Megan started her own damn bra company, Yellowberry. And it’s so successful that they sold every last bra of their first run.

418FF 3Image courtesy of Yellowberry bras

India’s Supreme Court has recognized a “third gender” to help protect transfolk. Indian states have been directed to conduct awareness campaigns to help reduce social stigmas.

The ladies (Gals? Broads?) at fake online ladymag Reductress checked in to remind us that they have a “super queer writing staff” and that they are a bunch of funny feminists. Well, that’s got to be fake. Need a place to jump in? Try “5 Items Worth Shoplifting” or “Creator of Rape in America Documentary Talks about Hair Care.”

BBC News ran an exhilarating photo essay featuring Asher Svidensky, a young Mongolian eagle hunter who embodies her country’s changing times. If you love me, you will buy me a hunting eagle.

Shameless self-promotion: I’ll be on Shannon Fisher’s radio show, The Authentic Woman, this Sunday night at 8:00 ET. Should be fun!

I’m behind on this one and I don’t care. Enjoy Salut Salon performing “Wettstreit zu viert”

Have a great weekend. Get out there and steal the show.

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