20 Out Models We Love

They’re here, they’re out, and they’re prettier than you and everyone you know. Gayish girl models are super hot but also super annoying in the vein of all models. Where once there was a dearth of gay girls making money off looking damn fine, now girl loving models sprinkle the internet landscape like glorious glitter. Here is, in no particular order, The Top 20 Queer Models of 2014.

1. Heather KemeskyAutosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Who is she? A 25-year-old Newport Beach native with shaggy chestnut hair, almond eyes, a fondness for androgynous apparel, and striking good looks.
What has she done? Clients include Veer NYC, Forever 21, Joseph Jeans, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Revolve Clothing and Target.
Why do I care? Heather is a die hard Tim Burton fan with a pet snake and acting aspirations.
Will we ever hook up? In an October 2013 interview with AE fashion favorite Veer NYC, Heather rhapsodized, “My girlfriend’s smile and laugh literally kills me. It never fails to make me melt and smile.” If Heather is single and you resemble her ex Erika Linder a. you might have a shot and b. sup?
Would we even be compatible? Heather Kemesky is a Scorpio.
How do I creep? Twitter @heatherkemesky, Instagram @heatherkemesky

2. Yaya Kosikovayaya1

Who is she? A 28-year-old Slovakian model/photographer and out lesbian who reps the LGBTQ community hard.
What has she done? Clients include Neiman Marcus, Michael Star, Chris Aire, Esteban Cortazar, Marc Bouwer and Tracy Reese.
Why do I care? She’s hot, hella gay, and all up on those Instagram, girls.
Will we ever hook up? Probably not, although Yaya’s relationship status is unknown.
Would we even be compatible? Yaya Kosikova is a Virgo.
How do I creep? Instagram: @yayakosikova

3. Kim StolzDJ Hesta Prynn's Birthday Party

Who is she? Model, Author, America’s Next Top Model contestant, and VP at Citigroup. Life’s not fair, is it? The 31-year-old was born and bred on The Upper East Side and is the uber-spawn of a Goldman Sachs stock broker and supermodel. She opened the shortlived NYC spot The Dalloway with The Real L Word person Amanda Leigh Dunn in 2012.
What has she done? Nordstrom, American Eagle, Women’s Wear Daily and Teen Vogue.
Why do I care? Kim Stolz’s debut novel Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do came out just last month. She is intelligent, beautiful, and can probably do your taxes.
Will we ever hook up? Not a chance. Kim lives with her wife Lexi on the Upper East Side, presumably living my latent Blair/Serena fantasies.
Would we even be compatible? Kim Stolz is a Gemini.
How do I creep? Twitter @kimmystolz, Instagram @kimmystolz

4. Eden ClarkEdenClark1

Who is she? A 25-year-old Brit with a pout that don’t quit (ha). She was born on the Isle Of Wight, which sounds quite romantic in a Heathcliff sort of way. I like to think Eden Clark spent her childhood wandering about the moors.
What has she done? Clients include Burberry, Marni, Italian Vogue, Prada, British Vogue, Miu Miu, Kenzo Jeans, Dazed & Confused, Vivienne Westwood, Flair, and Paul Smith.
Why do I care? Eden Clark’s modeling career began when an agent spotted her at a music festival, which is the coolest way to be discovered. She was also featured in Tatler Magazine (a Brit rag obsessed with the upper crust) as “one of London’s 7 smartest and loveliest lesbians” and has been on the cover of DIVA Magazine.
Will we ever hook up? No idea.
Would we even be compatible? Eden Clark is a Virgo.
How do I creep? Twitter: @EdenClark11

5. Ruby Rose2014 "An Evening With Women" Benefiting L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

Who is she? Australian model, MTV VJ, DJ, artist, singer, actress, fashion designer, generally likable and now dwelling in Los Angeles.
What has she done? She’s been all over Australian Television as an entertainment journalist/VJ/correspondent/personality and even judged an episode of America’s Next Top Model.
Why do I care? We chatted once about nose-picking on the red carpet, which was a welcome respite from standard stilted conversations with defensive celebrities about their vacation plans. She’s chill. Ruby Rose is the sort of girl you want to have a couple beers with and chat about stupid stuff aka a great sort of girl. Also, if you go into the way way back, she has a bizarre romantic backstory. Ruby Rose’s big break came through Australia’s Girlfriend Model Search in 2002. She came in second to fellow Top 20 queer Catherine McNeil. The two fell in love, got engaged, and broke up in what must be a fascinating screenplay rolling around in at least one of the two model’s minds.
Will we ever hook up? Ruby Rose is engaged to Phoebe Dahl.
Would we even be compatible? Ruby Rose is a Pisces.
How do I creep? Twitter: @rubyrose, Instagram: @rubyrose86