Morning Brew – Sinead O’Connor is looking for ladies on dating sites

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Leighton Meester talked with Out about why she wanted to play gay in Life Partners.

First, the script: It had me like just laughing and in tears. It really captured kind of a real friendship between two girls. I also really like the message about friendship and I love seeing too the dynamic between women in the film, especially when it’s not all centered around a guy and every conversation isn’t about a man. Just to see the genuine friendship and bond that two women can have.


Also, I was just really thrilled and excited that I would be able to play a character like this. It’s something that I’d ever done. But truthfully, the people that I know or the people that know me, my friends, who’ve seen it, they are like, “It’s so funny, this is the most like you of any character I’ve ever seen.” So it’s good to be able to play something that’s a little bit closer to myself as far as the character’s personality. And then I couldn’t be more blessed with the crew and other cast because just being onset was the best time I’ve ever had doing a movie or anything. I’m so proud of the film and the love that it’s getting and the support. It was just the best time ever with these women — exciting and fun and basically we just got to play and make our own words and just geek out and it was awesome.

Policy Mic has a piece on how Florida refuses to allow the disillusion of a civil union between two women because they are total jerks.

In another great dental drug induced YouTube videoEllen because she’s so “generous and beautiful.” The girl follows it up with, “And I’m not even a lesbian!”

Kate Lyn Shiel is a babe in Interview magazine this month where she is asked if Rachel and Lisa will see each other again on House of Cards. It doesn’t sound like she knows much, saying:

Oh goodness, I hope so. I don’t know. They’re very tight-lipped.


Lez-led band Screaming Females make some Halloween cupcakes on Pancake Mountain.

Activist Urvashi Vaid was honored by GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) with the Spirit of Justice Award this weekend.

Patricia Cornwell‘s 22nd (!!!) Kay Scarpetta novel, Flesh and Blood, is coming out on November 11.


Natasha Lyonne is hosting the upcoming Outfest Legacy Awards, so get your tickets if you’re in L.A. November 12.

Rita Volk dishes on last week’s Faking It episode in this interview.

Joan Jett was given the Rocker of the Year Award from the 6th Annual Little Kids Rock Benefit.

Margarita, With a Straw writer and director Shonali Bose is an out bisexual, and she says she’s prepared for haters in India, where she’s from.

I am ready for right-wing protests when my film releases. Bring them on. As long as people can see the film and talk about these issues, I am ready to face it. In the film, Laila’s mother has great difficulty coming to terms with her daughter’s sexuality, and when the film screened in Toronto, I had so many Indians coming up to me and telling me they loved it, so I know I have struck a chord somewhere.

"Margarita With A Straw" - Red Carpet Arrivals - 58th BFI London Film Festival

Sinead O’Connor has made interesting announcements about her own sexuality over the years, and after more recent comments that she was mostly straight, she penned a new blog this weekend that suggests otherwise:

Having no joy anyway in the dating department. Dating site has thrown up fuck all. I’m not exactly a great prospect once they’ve googled me ; )

I changed my ‘I am seeking a’ to ‘woman’. Just to see if I have any better luck. I notice at shows and generally life its women who want to marry me and or ‘do’ me etc. I been thinking for a few years anyway it ain’t really working out with men. So we’ll see what happens.

'Che Tempo Che Fa' TV Show - October 5th 2014

If you see Sinead on a dating site, why not give her a shot!?

Costume designer Trish Summerville was featured in Variety‘s 2014 Women’s Impact Report.

Kate McKinnon and Jim Carrey did a hilarious Sia “Chandelier” dance-off on SNL.

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