Condoleezza Rice: Closeted or just interested in real estate?

The interwebs are abuzz: A new book claims that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice owns property and shares a line of credit with a close female friend, filmmaker Randy Bean.

Rice and Bean

When I first saw the headlines, I skimmed one of the accompanying stories too quickly and honestly thought it said “Randy Dean,” which is the name of Laurel Holloman‘s character in The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love. Hi, Laurel! No, she has nothing to do with any of this, but isn’t she cute?

Not Randy Bean

Anyway, you can get the Condoleeza scoop on The Gist, The Raw Story, Queerty, and probably fourscore and seven other sites. What’s your take: Is this pretty convincing evidence that Rice is gay? Do you care whether she’s gay? Would you purchase property with Randy Dean, er, Bean? Good thing we have all weekend to ponder these puzzles.