Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 2, 2007)

FROM DR. LECTER TO DR. YANG: NOW THAT’S TRADING UP!’s Michael Ausiello recently talked to Brooke Smith about her once guest-starring, now regular role on Grey’s Anatomy.

Smith plays Seattle Grace’s new chief heart surgeon, Erica Hahn. Now that she’s going to be around more often, Smith is pondering some possible romantic entanglements for her character. “The other day I joked, ‘I know who I’m hooking up with!'” she told Ausiello. “There’s this surgical nurse who’s always there. When she’s there I’m thrilled, because she always makes me feel very real — ’cause she’s a real [surgical nurse]. I turned to her at one point and said, ‘Are you single on the show?’ She doesn’t even have a name on the show and I’m already trying to hook up with her.”

You make me feel mighty real, too, Brooke. But it gets even better:

Ausiello: I can see Dr. Hahn hitting it off with Cristina.
Smith: Secretly, we pushed for that. You know, Sandra [Oh] and I played lovers in [the off-Broadway play] Stop Kiss.

Ausiello: You know, there were rumors a while back that Cristina might be bisexual….
Smith: I know. I heard those rumors.

Ausiello: Then it’s destined to happen!
Smith: That’s what I think. But I don’t know….

Ausiello: I think Dr. Hahn would make an awesome lesbian.
Smith: I think so, too.

Ausiello: Could it happen?
Smith: I honestly don’t know. I’ve certainly let [the producers] know I’m open to it.

Wow! Before you ask, Brooke herself isn’t gay, despite that impressive openness. But with a friend like her, who needs a girlfriend? Other than Dr. Yang, I mean.

Sarah gave us a glimpse of those Cristina rumors (actually much more than rumors; they were based on a casting call for a female character’s ex-girlfriend) back in March of last year, and Smith’s character has been setting off everyone’s gaydar for years now. Dare we hope?

I’ve been a Brooke Smith fan ever since The Silence of the Lambs (she was the one who had to put the lotion in the basket), and her recent turn on Weeds was both hilarious and poignant. I might actually have to start watching Grey’s again, though I reserve the right to plug my ears every time McDreamy mopes or Meredith minces.

In related news, the masterminds at Maxim recently declared Sandra Oh one of the “Unsexiest Women Alive,” once again proving their supreme idiocy.

Hey Brooke, do you still have Dr. Lecter’s phone number? I know some interns at Maxim who’d be plenty tasty with fava beans.