Glasses make the girl grow hotter – a holiday spec-tacular!

Sometime over the last decade
or so, glasses became cool. And hot. And the world began to see what
lesbians always have known: that women who wear glasses are both cool

and hot. And downright sexy.

Personally, I’m glad views
have changed. As a little tomboy, I resisted glasses as long as I could,
to the point of memorizing the eye chart every year so I could pass
the vision exam. When I finally was too blind to resist specs any longer,
my family was about to move to Texas from Pittsburgh. One of my friends
said, "Wow, glasses don’t seem very Texan." At the time, I
was devastated. Now I know better. Texans with glasses rock.

What is it about glasses that
make hot women seem even hotter?

In some cases, glasses add
a sense of vulnerability to a strong character. Dana Scully (Gillian
) wore glasses on The X-Files only when she was alone,
doing research or writing reports. While she was deep in thought, I
walked into the room. She looked up, smiled slightly, removed her glasses
and stood to greet me. And then … wait, where was I?

Of course, just the opposite
is true, too. Glasses can add a sense of authority. You can almost hear
Nicole Kidman
saying, "Yes, I know I’m too beautiful for this
world, but do not interrupt me."

For some women, glasses accentuate
their intelligence.

For others, we wish glasses
could add intelligence — or at least common sense.

Glasses just make women seem

More accessible.

And, yes, geekier.

Maybe we like the idea that
women who seem perfect in fact have some of the same limitations we

Or perhaps glasses simply give
us one more reason to love women that we’re already quite fond of.

But honestly, who cares why?
Women with glasses just do something to us. And my resolution for 2008
is to keep enjoying them.

Who are your favorite lasses
with glasses? I found way too many to post, so feel free to add pictures
or links to other four-eyed favorites. Happy holidays!