Annie Leibovitz sprinkles more pixie dust

Annie Leibovitz
could photograph a rock or, more challenging still, The Rock

and make it look fascinating. So watching her turn famous faces into
iconic Disney characters for the theme park’s Year of a Million
Dreams campaign has been a real treat. Now that I’ve
seen the third round of images, I’ve upgraded the experience from
treat to gourmet meal. On the menu are Tina Fey, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Biel, Whoopi Goldberg
and Jennifer Lopez. Seriously, who has a fork?

The Peter Pan scene features Gisele as Wendy Darling with dancer
Mikhail Baryshnikov
as Peter Pan and Tina flitting about as Tinker
Bell. Tina as Tink? I’ve just died and gone to Neverland.

Jessica Biel gets in touch
with nature in her shot as Pocahontas. Hmm, while Jessica looks great in
her buckskin togs, I’m not really feeling her as the Native American princess. Somehow, when I look at her,
I just don’t think about the rich culture of the Powhatan

Looking at her does, however,
make me think I should dust off my free weights and start sticking to
my New Year’s resolution to “Work out more.”

Aladdin did double duty on
this shoot as the movie inspires both Whoopi and Jenny from the Block’s
sets. Jennifer was Jasmine
to her husband Marc Anthony’s Aladdin as they took a magic
carpet ride over the Arabian desert.

Though, who knows how long
the ride lasted with Whoopi as the cheeky Genie tagging along.

Gosh, those are fun. Now I
can’t wait to see who is next. Kate Winslet

as Sleeping Beauty? Zhang Ziyi
as Mulan? Ann Coulter as Cruella de Vil?