The Lo-Down Episode 2.8

When we shot this week’s week’s Lo-Down, Sarah P. and I decided to shake things up. We’re retiring our fake news format because, to be honest, we haven’t had the time to write up the fake news segments! We may do more fake news in the future, but for now, we’re going to focus on the Crock P.O.C. — and, beginning in April, we’ll be vlogging about Battlestar Galactica!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This week we deliver a Special Bookish Episode, in which we talk about how much we love Sarah Waters’ novels, as well as our (somewhat geeky) attraction to Victorian historicals. Then in the Crock P.O.C. we ramble on about hip-hop in lesbian clubs, vegetarians, being mistaken for porn stars and other random topics suggested by



Wendy and our own demented minds.

(Also, if you notice a strange humming noise at some points during the vlog, that’s because there was construction going on next door. We don’t know what machine makes that humming noise, but hopefully it’s not too distracting.)

The Lo-Down: Episode 2.8

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We’ll be taking a few weeks off between now and the premiere of BSG since we’ll both be out of town (separately, and for different reasons), thus creating scheduling challenges for The Lo-Down. But fear not! In the meantime, I’ll be hunting down a Starbuck action figure. ‘Cause no BSG vlog would be complete without one.