TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars: Who’s on top?

I watch Ghost Whisperer and I’m not ashamed to admit it. OK, a little embarrassed, maybe, but we all have our guilty pleasures. And even though Jennifer Love Hewitt is, at times, a bit too earnest for me, I can think of many reasons why she tops TV Guide ‘s "Sexiest Stars" list this year. Here are two.

What? I’m talking about her eyes. Hewitt might not be No. 1 on my list — at least not while Tina Fey is on TV — but I am tickled that she can flaunt her sexy status to the paps that trashed her for looking less-than-perfect in a bikini last year. Somehow, the fact that she didn’t need to be on the list to know she’s sexy makes her topping it even better.

The fact is that several of the female Sexiest Stars defy the young, rail-thin types we usually see on these lists. Vanessa Williams, who still reigns as the queen of mean on Ugly Betty, is not only curvy, but she just turned 45.

Another listee, Mary-Louise Parker — our favorite drug dealer/MILF from Weeds — is 43. Parker would be very high on my own version of this list, for reasons that Dorothy Snarker nicely summed up on her own blog earlier this week. (Thanks for the backgrounder, Ms. Snarker.)

Listing Katee Sackhoff indicates that TV Guide discovered something this year that readers have known for years: Kick-ass women are hot. Of course, listing Katee Sackhoff without Tricia Helfer and Grace Park is just wrong.

As is listing Sackhoff without Lucy Lawless and Mary McDonnell.

But at least we know they’re watching BSG.

One more favorite who made the list, Olivia Wilde, deserves a mention because (a) her character just came out as bisexual, and (b) it’s an excuse to post her picture. Lucky Thirteen, lucky us.

Photo credit: Chris Haston/NBC Universal/Fox

You can check out the rest of the list here (yeah, they picked some guys, too). TV Guide‘s readers also have noted some who should have been on the list but weren’t. But, of course, lesbian and bisexual women have refined sensibilities about sexiness, so we must weigh in as well. Think of it as warm-up for the just-announced 2008 Hot 100.

What do you think of TV Guide‘s list? Any nice surprises? More importantly, what are the glaring omissions? Who’s on your Sexy Stars list?