Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 9, 2008)

Beginning this week, we’ll be writing this column slightly differently. Instead of being written by one staff writer each week, the column will now be written by multiple writers each week. Each author’s photo will be featured at the top of each page she writes, and you’ll see her byline at the end of her section. Rest assured, the tone and focus of the column won’t change; we’re just trying to mix it up a little.

Bravo, the gay reality show contestant’s home away from home, is back this summer with the second season of Shear Genius (which premieres on June 25). And, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a lesbian in the new cast. The show, like its kissing cousins Project Runway and Top Chef, pits up-and-coming professionals (in this case hairstylists) against one another in weekly competition to be the one left standing.

Meet lesbian contestant Dee, a 37-year-old native of San Antonio, Texas, who now lives and works in Miami.

Blazer? Check. Tie? Check. Spikey dyed hair? Checkity check. Yep, Dee passes lesbian muster.

Her official Bravo bio reads:

Dee stepped foot in the industry 10 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. She began her career by working as a computer graphic artist for Paul Mitchell Distributor in Miami, and today she is a “Task Force” and “Premiere Member” for John Paul Mitchell Systems, which entails teaching and coaching other Paul Mitchell educators on the latest trends of cut and color. Dee also owns Hair by Dee, an educational service that provides one-on-one styling skills and personal training to salon staff and individuals. Dee also spends her time as the Art Director and hair designer at Peter of London Salon and Spa in Miami. At Peter’s, Dee oversees the education and structure of the salon, as well as the marketing and promotion. Dee has been published in Cut and Dry Magazine and Modern Salon, and says her real joy is seeing people smile.

The show returns without its first-season head judge and hairstylist-to-the-stars Sally Hershberger, the rumored inspiration for The L Word‘s Shane “If That’s Your Girlfriend, She Wasn’t Last Night” McCutcheon. Replacing her will be celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo along with fellow new judge Kelly Atterton, the Allure West Coast editor.

Dee will lather, rinse and repeat against 11 other stylists. Check out more of her handiwork on her Hair by Dee Myspace page. Here’s hoping Dee does well and proves to the world that the mullet is not lesbian-kind’s sole accomplishment in hair.

“I was more insulted that they thought I would do it just to get a cover. In some ways, I regret that I didn’t do it, that I didn’t take that opportunity. But at that time, my inflated idea about myself as an artist superseded everything.”
Lily Tomlin on being offered the cover of Time magazine in 1975 if she would come out in the article, in an interview with the The Vancouver Sun that also touched on her gay brother and fundamentalist Christian mother, and her 37-year relationship with partner Jane Wagner

At a Paris concert on Tuesday, Madonna flashbacked to 2003 and her now-infamous MTV Video Music Awards lip locks with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The Material Girl made like the French and kissed a female backup dancer during the show.

Man, I’d love to see the job requirements on her dancers’ application forms: “Must be proficient at all styles of dance. Must be willing to travel worldwide. Must be open to making out with your boss.”

Madonna is currently hard at work promoting her new album, Hard Candy. As someone who heard the CD played in what seemed like a never-ending loop at a gay men’s club the weekend before its release, it’s nice to see Madge finally make a play for her lesbian fans, so to speak.

by Dorothy Snarker