We’re Getting Nowhere: The “Women’s Night and A Wedding” Episode

As the countdown continues for the premiere of Season 1 of The L Word on Logo, we’re coming up with new and different excuses to vlog. This week, we want to share with you the joy that was the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Women’s Night. (And the joy that was Dara’s friend’s wedding, because that’s where Dara was when Jill and I went to Women’s Night.)

By now, Sharon Stone’s auctioneering skills are the stuff of legend, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you our version of how she took command of audience and scolded a bunch of lesbians into dropping some extra cash for a good cause.

We also talk about the dreamy yet unconventional wedding Dara attended (the ring bearers were unicorns!) and share some of our home videos from Women’s Night. Thanks to Robyn Dettman for shooting the footage of us — which includes Bridget McManus and Cathy DeBuono — even when some of us were hopping up and down on one leg on the red carpet. (Jealous?!)

We’re Getting Nowhere: The Women’s Night Episode

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