Cannes had celebrities getting glamorous

The Cannes Film Festival is finally over, after almost two weeks of movies and red carpet glamour. Since we can’t see most of the movies in competition at the festival yet, I thought we’d take a look at some of the red carpet highlights. Whether in Armani, Chanel, Versace or Lacroix, you need to look couture fabulous if you want to be at the biggest film festival in Europe. Some can pull it off. Others, well, not so much.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

I feel nothing I could say would do justice to Angelina: She’s pregnant with twins and she still manages to walk down the red carpet looking absolutely beautiful. She attended the premieres of The Exchange and Kung Fu Panda, both movies she has roles in. And even though my immense amount of drool is distracting me, I can also see a very handsome Brad Pitt in a classy Tom Ford suit. Yep, they’re a great couple. Their secret? Brad takes care of the kids while pregnant Angelina does Cannes in comfy Cole Haan shoes.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Yet another fabulous couple, Harrison Ford (so not looking 65) was in Cannes presenting Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull and he was accompanied by the elegant Calista Flockhart. I use the term “elegant” because her dress is indeed beautiful, but I wished there was more meat next to those bones. Calista, eat a cookie. Please. You’re starting to look like Shane.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek looked radiant in this Balenciaga dress. I mean, she just gave birth to her first child and here she is, wonderful. Makes you hate her a little, huh? But you can easily forget that feeling if you consider her new, uh, mama attributes, so to speak. Big, aren’t they? Makes you think pregnancy isn’t so bad after all. I’m kidding, mamas!

Natalie Portman

I do love Natalie Portman, but I’m not really feeling this dress. It looks, I don’t know, baggy. Still, I can compliment her on her shoes, because they’re from her own vegan collection from Té Casan. Vegan collection, how cool is that? I knew there was a reason I chose her as one of the sexiest vegetarians of 2008.

Star Jones

What on earth was Star Jones doing in Cannes, you ask, appalled. I have absolutely no idea. But she was … quite colorful. Let’s leave it at that.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett attended the premiere of Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull in a gray Armani gown and she was indeed sizzling. “I apologize to the entire Russian population in advance”, joked Blanchett, when she explained her character’s accent in the movie. Blanchett played Spalko, a Soviet villain, but that didn’t go very well, according to Sarah.

Penélope Cruz and Goldie Hawn

Penélope was in Cannes for the premiere of her Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the latest Woody Allen movie. “I was worried about being very out there and very big in every scene,” she confessed to the reporters. “But Woody [Allen] was always telling me; ‘Believe me, I know people like this.'” Kissing scenes with Scarlett Johansson? Yep, people like that! Penélope looks gorgeous in white, as does Goldie Hawn. And allow me to say this: can you believe Goldie is 62?

Gillian Anderson and Eva Longoria

If Penélope and Goldie looked brilliant in white, Gillian Anderson and Eva Longoria, well, not so much. I love Gillian (redhead power), but maybe she shouldn’t have left the house with a towel (or sheet) wrapped around her. Eva, on the other hand, is clearly wearing a gown, but that tulle (or whatever that is) is a no-no. This isn’t your wedding, dear.

Let’s hear it: what do you think about these Cannes fashion statements?