The Lo-Down: Let’s Talk About Race

This week on The Lo-Down,

Sarah P. and I discuss a serious topic: race. We didn’t exactly expect to get into such a heavy discussion, but in retrospect it seems inevitable since we talked about the low number of women of color on the Hot 100, as well as the use of labels in our lesbian community (suggested by Lo-Down viewer Ms. Ghana).

In the second half, we talk about the Australian documentary Searching 4 Sandeep, which follows Poppy Stockwell (a lesbian living in Sydney) and Sandeep Virdi (a closeted lesbian living in England), as they meet online and develop a long-distance relationship. Along the way, Sandeep comes out to her South Asian family, who is not entirely pleased with finding out that their daughter is gay.

I know that most of you probably have not seen the documentary (it has screened at several international film festivals and will be screening at Newfest in New York this Saturday; Poppy Stockwell will be there for a post-screening Q&A), but it raises a lot of issues that you’ve often asked me and Sarah to talk about. In particular, internet dating, interracial dating and coming out to your families. Sarah, in fact, talks about her own coming-out experience, which again touches on race.

So we hope you’ll stick with us through this difficult subject, and please feel free to add your own thoughts on race, the Hot 100, and coming out in a more traditional family. But let’s keep it civil and not take things personally — don’t make me discipline you! (Unless you want me to … )

The Lo-Down: Let’s Talk About Race

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P.S. I realized after we taped the vlog that shooting in a grayish room with low light doesn’t look so good. Oops! Next time we’ll go back to our regular digs.