FEED Episodes 1 and 2: “Beheading” and “Lorna Michaels Exclusive”

Today we’re introducing a new web series, FEED, produced by out filmmaker Mel Robertson.

With the tagline "we only know what they want us to know," this gritty drama set in Los Angeles tells the story of "a news-obsessed blogger, who takes the media into her own hands when a video she’s posted online makes its way to the five o’clock news and threatens the lives of everyone in the video, including the shooter and her new group of digital vigilantes."

The "news-obsessed blogger" is bisexual ex-reality television producer-turned-waitress Maura Knight (Amanda Deibert), who accidentally captures an after-hours attack on her video camera at the restaurant where she works. It’s all downhill from there, as Maura is forced to go on the run from a lot of people who want her dead.

Watch the first two episodes below, and look for a new episode on AfterEllen.com every other Friday.

Warning: there is some violence in the series, but it’s mostly implied (don’t let the title of the first episode fool you, though, there’s no actual beheading shown).

FEED: Episode 1 "Beheading"

FEED: Episode 2 "Lorna Michaels Exclusive"

Go to FeedSeries.tv for more info on the series, the cast, and the filmmaker.

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