Kate Pierson releases a new music video and readies a solo album

Kate Pierson is most famous for her time spent fronting The B-52’s, but now she’s releasing a new solo album called Guitars and Microphones. In the out singer’s new video for “Mister Sister,” she sings about a guy who wants to be a beautiful girl, and guest stars Fred Armisen and Alyson Palmer (BETTY) have fun alongside Kate herself. The video is directed by her partner of 11 years, Monica Coleman, who also makes a cameo.

Songs on the album, out in February on Kobalt Records, are co-penned and produced by Sia, so there are sure to be lots of catchy tracks with Kate’s trademark voice. Guitars and Microphones will be her first-ever solo effort, and the first new recording she’s done since 2008’s B-52’s Funplex. As a B-52, she was a fashion icon, and everyone’s crush, guys and girls alike. Who didn’t want an invite to Kate’s “Love Shack?”

Photo of B52'S

Now when Kate isn’t touring with the B-52’s, she is working next to Monica, operating Kate’s Lazy Meadow and Kate’s Lazy Desert, getaway destinations with ’50s kitsch. The Meadow is a series of cabins in the Catskill Mountains, while the Desert is an airstream motel in Joshua Tree, California.

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Monica joined Kate at the Grammys last year, where they talked about their relationship with CBS on the red carpet. “We make each other laugh,” Kate says.

You can pre-order Kate’s album or find out more about the legend at katepierson.com.