“New York Magazine” embraces a wedding of two brides

There must be subliminal messages in Melissa Etheridge songs because, lately, it’s like we’re all getting married. Perhaps we are just excited about inching closer to the legalizing of gay marriage with every election and protest, and we’re finally becoming normal enough to be featured prominently in the New York Times and now, New York Magazine.

The winter issue of New York is wedding-themed, with the cover reading “The New York Bride’s Guide to Everything.” Holly Bemiss, a literary agent, and her partner, Erin Bried, a senior writer at SELF magazine, were pictured at their outdoor ceremony in New York’s Prospect Park this past summer.

Just like the brides of the straight marriages, New York had to know all the details, including the attire. Erin told the magazine:

“We didn’t know what to wear, so we asked a stylist I work with. ‘Black dresses, fabulous shoes, sparkly earrings.’”

For their guests, they provided entertainment and delicious food, but also something that should help sway anyone unsure of how they feel on gay marriage.

“For our favors, we decided to brew our own beer. We went to a place in New Jersey called The Brewer’s Apprentice and made a Summer Weiss. Holly made labels that echoed the design of our invites, and she named the beer Two Brides Brew.”

Come on — who doesn’t want to be invited to that wedding?

Progress is certainly being made when lesbian relationships are normalized in national publications, but perhaps it would be more surprising if there were some printed in Alabama Weddings Magazine. I have a feeling they haven’t featured a lesbian couple yet, though I would love to be wrong.

Nonetheless, it’s great that Holly and Erin can be legally married in Massachusetts, as they were this week. Consider this a virtual bouquet tossing. Who’s next?