Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis of “Carmilla” talk fandom and hopes for Season 2

AE: The Carmilla cast seems to really enjoy each other’s company to the point where you already seem like a family. What’s that experience been like for the two of you.

Elise: It’s been really great and I think it’s the most positive thing about this, is that we all get along. So being on set, it’s felt like work because it’s a lot of work but it’s also a really, really enjoyable experience. That’s been one of the greatest gifts coming out of this, I feel like I’ve made this whole new crew of awesome people. Even outside of the cast, on the production side and the sponsors, people are always so much fun when everyone is together. I think it’s way easier for us. I can’t imagine doing this with people I didn’t want to be around.

Natasha: This is the first time I’ve worked on a project that every single person is someone I genuinely like and enjoy spending time with. Sometimes you’ll be amicable with coworkers but don’t want to spend time outside of them. But this is the opposite. Everyone is so fantastic. I think we took a little bit longer filming for the Christmas episode because there were a lot of giggling moments. So we’ll see what dynamics are in store for Season 2 because it’s hard to stay focused.

Natasha Negovanlis as CarmillaNatasha

AE: Once you play gay, you typically have a devoted fan base for the rest of your career, and you are both so young and just at the beginning of yours. What does that meant to you to know that you have a built in fan base already?

Natasha: It means the world to me. It’s so fantastic to have a fan base that pushes me to finish projects and to do other things and to be a good person. It’s a fan base that I didn’t expect to have because of my classical music and comedy background, so most of my fans previous to the show were middle aged, a lot of them were men. So it’s really cool to be a role model of sorts and as a lady who does not identify as straight, it’s pretty great to get to be open about who I am and have people accept me for that.

Elise: It’s been unreal. I think one of the best things is that so many of the fans are so supportive of everyone in the cast having separate projects, so everyone seems to want to support everyone in everything they’re doing. I know Natasha is starting her own projects that she’s had for a while, so I love that she mentioned that she’s taking it as a push to get those done and I think that’s so wonderful. I love that. I find that inspiring especially in Canada, if you push to create your own work. You do that because there’s not that many opportunities. It’s a very competitive place for young females to be cast, so knowing that you have people who want to get on board with things that you’re creating by yourself, that gets me very excited. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully now I can take it as invitation to continue to go for it. It’s really positive and wonderful.

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AE: I have a couple fan questions here. When I’m interviewing people and it’s not embargoed, I put a post on Twitter and Tumblr asking for questions. I was blown away with the amount of responses I got for you two. So 90% involved you guys making out in some way. I’m not going to ask you any of those questions.

Natasha: We’re open about it!

AE: (laughs) I know you are but…Ok, one fan asked to describe each other in one sentence.

Natasha: It’s so hard! One sentence. One thing I admire about Elise is that she unabashedly is not afraid to be herself, even when she does things that are adorkable or weird, she is herself and she is so beautiful for that and that’s something I admire because as much I try to be a nice person, I can get caught up in what’s cool and what’s not.

Elise: Thank you! One thing I would say about Natasha is that I love how you’re not afraid to speak your mind, I think that’s something I struggle with and sometimes I worry about how things come across if I’m disagreeing with someone. And I love that you fight for what you want out of life and I think that’s so amazing. And even with these new projects that you’re creating, I think that’s so wonderful to fall in and wholeheartedly create the life you want and not be afraid to say what you want. That’s really important thing that not enough Canadians do!

AE: You are both inspirations to many fans. But who inspires you?

Elise: I think definitely think there’s so much good work coming out of Canada lately and that makes me so proud. We sort of have this image of what it means to be a Canadian that we’re starting to break out of. I think the show Orphan Black has been a huge part of that. To see really wonderfully talented people come out of Canada has been really inspiring and I think broken down a lot of barriers previously set up. So that’s one show I’ve definitely been really proud of and excited for as a Canadian.

Natasha: People that inspire me the most are people in my day-to-day life; my friends, my mom, my coworkers, and also some Canadian artists who live in my own community that I get to engage with in everyday life. I’m such a huge fan of comedians, using comedy as a form of therapy, so most of the artists I admire started in comedy. One is my neighbor Mark Little, he was just on the cover of a magazine here in Toronto doing really cool things. In terms of actors and music, I just think a lot of great classic artists. Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn, and old singers like Ella Fitzgerald.

D: One more question: Perry and LaFontaine–do you ship it?

Elise: Yeah! I totally ship that. I love that dynamic between the two of them. One of my favorite things about the show is that a lot of characters who are on “ships,” they’re people that you wouldn’t necessarily look at the two of them and declare they belong together, but it’s so clear! I think the relationships that work are ones where you can learn and grow from the other person, so that’s the case for Laura and Carmilla and Perry and LaFontaine! So I’d be happy to see them together.

Natasha: I FRIENDship them. I’m excited to see what happens in Season 2. In Season 1, LaFontaine Is dating JP, so I want to see where that goes before we potentially see Perry and LaFontaine together.

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