Cool Cat Cora speaks out on Prop. 8

Given my tendency to have longer-term relationships with domestic animals than domestic partners, I have always wanted to find a cat that can cook. If only.

Cat Cora, patron saint of lesbian foodies and still the only female Iron Chef, has earned our affection for many reasons, not the least of which is that she still loves, even after a close encounter with Karman and Bridget at the 2008 HRC Gala.

Cora lives with her partner of 10 years, Jen Cora, and their two sons, Zoran and Caje, in the Santa Barbara area of California. Jen and Cat are expecting their third child in April. As if Iron Chef America and a growing family aren’t enough to keep her busy, Cora is about to open a new restaurant, CCQ (Cat Cora’s ‘Que), in Costa Mesa in December.

Food Gal Carolyn Jung spoke with Cora recently about her life and loves — and how she feels about Prop. 8. (Thanks to AE reader Jen for the tip!)

Here are some choice excerpts from the interview:

CJ: A lot has been said about this recent historic election that with the passage of Prop. 2 (protection for farm animals) and of Prop. 8 (amending the state constitution to restrict marriage to a union between a man and a woman) that Californians care more about chickens than human beings. What do you think?

Cat: We’re all disappointed. On a good note, it was close. But it’s shocking and stunning to think this happened, given how progressive we think Californians are. It’s sad this issue is even on the ballot in this day and age.

CJ: Did you and Jen walk down the aisle before the election?

Cat: No. We’re domestic partners. We were legally advised not to rush to the altar, because once you get married, your domestic partnership goes out the window. With another child on the way, a health-care proxy is absolutely necessary to have. But I support everyone who has gotten married.

CJ: Did you ever fear that some of your adoring public might view you differently?

Cat: Jen and I have never hidden the fact that we’re together. Our kids are important to us, and we want them to know we’re proud to be their mothers. You have to stand up for who you are, because you are basically standing up for them. We’re just an all-American family living the all-American dream.

With a woman like Cat Cora in the kitchen, I’d say the all-American dream definitely is a dream worth having.

What would you have Cat Cora cook up for you? Just keep it tasteful.

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