8 Smart and Women Friendly Websites We’re Addicted To

Everyone has their go-to, must-see, can’t-miss websites that they visit on the regular and we love when readers tell us that AfterEllen is part of their daily routine. (It gives us the feels.) We also have our own favorite sites that we make a happy habit of checking during our down time, and we wanted to share them with you, our dear readers. From feminism with a sci-fi slant to DIY tricks and tips, here are eight websites that we think are the bee’s knees.

The Mary Suemarysuelogo

All things nerdy, geeky and awesome with a decidedly feminist slant

Why we can’t get enough of it: The Mary Sue covers a wide range of things, and their coverage in particular of Gamergate, and women in the gaming and comic book worlds is particularly astute. Not only that, but The Mary Sue is wickedly funny, too.  She’s kind of like your dream girl: She can discuss Star Wars and Audre Lorde with equal panache.

The Toast1044569_588274144526549_294771944_n

Feminism and commentary with a healthy dash of humor.

Why we can’t get enough of it: Toast’s out co-Editor in Chief Mallory Ortberg is the tops, as is frequent contributor Roxanne Gay (who also runs the site’s offshoot, The Butter), and the site’s biting humor, commentary and brilliant essays always leave us wanting more. Oh and did we mention that AE writers Anna Pulley and Elaine Atwell are also contributors? 


For fashionable thinkers.

Why we can’t get enough of it: While Refinery29 might have a larger focus on fashion and style, its got a lot more to offer than nail polish tips. Topical and wickedly smart, even those of us who err on the side of sweatpants, can get a lot out of their very queer-friendly articles. 


An intimate look into the lives of women.

Why we can’t get enough of it: Started by actress Caitlin Stasey,  Herself is full of stunning portraits (which are NSFW, by the way) and we love reading the interviews that feature women from all over, which delve into subjects that are often not spoken about so candidly. Herself also accepts submissions for future interviewees.



A lifestyle, entrainment and culture site (as well as print magazine) with a focus on queer and trans women of color. 

Why we can’t get enough of it: With killer interviews, thought-provoking articles and essays, and attention to current events, Elixher just hits all the right notes. Check out their column Week in Review to catch up on important stories that don’t get the attention they deserve from mainstream media. 


Fascinating stories by people across the globe.

Why we can’t get enough of it: Started by some of the folks who founded Twitter, Medium is a giant blog sharing site where pretty much anyone can post their think pieces. Sure, not every story is golden, but there are enough captivating articles to keep us coming back for more.

Serious Eats10270311_10152752690974256_8818995215744872692_n

All delicious, all of the time.

Why we can’t get enough of it: You don’t have to be a “foodie” to love Serious Eats. They give as much attention to snack cakes and pizza as they do to molecular gastronomy. It features restaurants, interviews, recipes and all thing nom.


Tips and in depth instructions on how to make you life easier.

Why we can’t get enough of it: Lifehacker makes us feel like real life McGuyvers. You never know what you might find in Lifehacker and that’s one of the things that keep us checking it on the daily. From how not to kill houseplants, to avoiding awkward silences, to creating a successful YouTube channel, Lifehacker truly has it all. (p.s. the site was founded by out techie, Gina Trapani.)