Designing woman, Beth Ditto

A lot of people seem shocked by the bright orange hair Beth Ditto sported last week, but I am not the least bit surprised. The Gossip frontwoman has worn some pretty wild things, or nothing at all (like in her NME magazine cover last year). A self-proclaimed “fat, feminist lesbian,” Ditto has broken fashion stereotypes and become an accidental hero for the full-figured simply by being her outrageous self.

Ditto landed a $400,000 deal earlier this year to design a line of clothes in the 14-32 size range for Evans, the plus-size retail giant. The announcement came after Ditto turned down an offer from Topshop, due to their limited sizes.

Apparently, everyone wants a piece of Ditto’s brazen style, which ignores the fashion industry’s ridiculous “rules” that bigger women shouldn’t wear bright colors, patterns or basically anything interesting or fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the signature looks Beth has donned over the past couple of years:

Snug as a bug … in some spandex. Ditto often embraces skin-tight, shiny jumpsuits that are not only crazy eye-catching, but likely provide for easy movement when she’s all over the stage.

Who said animal print was for Grandma’s PJs? Ditto rocks this leopard-print, spaghetti-strap dress and some star earrings like the rock star she is.

Less sass, more class in a belted baby-blue dress, with her hooded bandmates Brace Paine and Hannah Blilie.

Who said your dress shouldn’t match the carpet? Like Beth Ditto follows any rules. She looks great in this bright red, strapless number, and the lime green bracelet is genius.

Ditto, clearly celebrating her bold, unique style. She’s obviously a fan of tight prints and the off-the-shoulder look. That, coupled with this ’80s hair, is so Jennifer Beals in Flashdance — only flashier and dancier.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the designs she comes up with, and I hope that more women will follow her lead and not be afraid to show their personalities through their clothes. Could you, or would you, dare to pull off any of her styles?