Aubrey O’Day: pop star with a girlfriend or publicity hound?

After the first time ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day was said to have been spotted locking lips with New York socialite Lydia Hearst, most people likely chalked it up to a lame publicity stunt. But the pop star has continued to make headlines with a speculated same-sex romance (or least camera-ready make-outs).

Last week, O’Day reportedly brought an unnamed woman with her to some high-profile parties, introducing her as her girlfriend and, according to the New York Post, claiming that she was upset about Prop. 8 passing, saying, “We don’t need a piece of paper to validate our relationship.” And she said her dog, Ginger, was “also a lesbian.”

While it’s no question that she’s getting a lot of attention for this strange sort of “coming out,” we shouldn’t just take the tabloids’ word that O’Day is suddenly “pulling a Lindsay” or “switching teams.” Even Fox News has jumped on the “OMG! Another lesbian!” bandwagon. But there have been hints that O’Day has liked women for quite a while.

In August of this year, O’Day took a turn on Broadway as Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray. In an interview with, she spoke openly about her sexuality:

At this point in my life I wouldn’t say one way or another what my preference is sexually. The only thing I’m looking for in life is incredible passion and honest love, and if that’s with a girl, a guy, a guy that dresses like a girl, a girl that dresses like a guy, whatever the options are on the table, all I really operate on is the way I feel in my heart when it comes to love.

Having been recently kicked out of Danity Kane by den mother P.Diddy (for taking too much attention for herself and away from the group as a whole) it’s easy to assume this natural “Show Stopper” is just a fan of attention. But she’s also BFF with Daniela Sea, and that certainly earns her some more queer points, you know, if you were keeping score.

Maybe we’re just waiting for her to talk about something she’s already addressed; so why are some people so skeptical? (It was the dog comment, wasn’t it?)