Melissa Etheridge is disappointed in Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I’m really glad that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has found someone who loves her. I’m happy that someone (a man, of course) actually thought she might be worth marrying.

Good for you, Hasselbeck. Now it saves me from campaigning against you being able to be with the one you love (and who, for some reason, appears to love you back).

OK, I wouldn’t do that (obviously), but I might campaign against her being able to speak her mind on The View if she didn’t sound stupid and cry so much. (Having Whoopi and Joy there to keep her in check gives me the ultimate satisfaction.) But there are definitely times when I want to reach through the TV screen and give her a talking to, which is what Melissa Etheridge so subtley tried to do on today’s show. (Click on the link to watch the video.)

Melissa Etheridge appeared on The View this morning and spoke for myself and other gays) who told Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “I’m disappointed in you.” (That always hurts more than “I’m mad at you,” right?)

“The rights of the minority should never be voted on the direct democracy of the majority,” Etheridge said, quoting Thomas Jefferson and speaking on equal protection under the law. Hasselbeck acted like she agreed for a moment (“I didn’t vote on Prop. 8. I wasn’t there.”) before the singer asked her, “So you’re saying you’re for gay marriage?”

Right as Hasselback attempted to backpedal on previous statements she’d made in defense of Proposition 8, co-host Sherri Sheperd brought the conversation back to Melissa’s Christmas album.

What’s wrong, producers? Too much political talk past November? Too close to Christmas for all that gay talk? At least Melissa put in her two cents to Mrs. Hasselbeck. Whoopi and Joy seemed to have fun watching, and Rosie doesn’t appear to be invited back anytime soon.

It might be time to have another lesbian View to make Hasselbeck uncomfortable. Melissa, what are you doing after the holiday?