Rachel Maddow makes her mark in Vogue

Rachel Maddow is “making her mark on cable news by keeping her cool when everyone else is losing theirs,” says the January issue of Vogue. Yes, Vogue — the fashion magazine.

Of course, we weren’t surprised when our Rachel (we can say that, right? It’s not creepy, it’s prideful, I swear) made it in the OUT 100 or on the cover of The Advocate; that’s to be expected, given Maddow’s rise to news superstardom this year. And now she’s making her way into mainstream style magazines.

The Vogue feature on Maddow, Katie Couric and Campbell Brown, called “Shaping the News,” was posted online today and features a fantastic photo of Maddow sporting — not the typical ridiculous Vogue-esque get-up some might have imagined — but her usual quirky glasses, snazzy suit and Converse sneakers.

This is, of course, one of the reasons she’s so well-liked, and Vogue knows it, writing:

Her style of political discourse is a break from the shouting, point-counterpoint approach that dominates cable news, instead emphasizing her relentlessly cheerful, conscientiously concise opinions. “I’m trying to get people to agree with me,” she says. “I am trying to say, ‘Here’s how I see the world.’ Not everybody’s going to agree with me. But I think that I make sense, and I would like you to think that I make sense, too, because I think that we can make sense of this world together, you and me, if” — and here she shifts into a fake TV announcer’s voice — “you’ll just follow along!”

This year, a feature story; next year, a cover model?

Do you like to see Rachel au naturel?