Missy Higgins loves Kimberley

Missy Higgins may have a home in Los Angeles now, but she’ll always be an Australian. She still keeps a place in Broome, where she wrote half of her 2008 album, On A Clear Night.

Back in Australia recently to film Bran Nue Dae, Higgins also took part in a performance video she hopes will help spread the word about keeping industrialization out of Kimberley (the northern section of Australia in which Broome is located), which is being threatened by oil and gas companies that may move in.

“I felt a connection there to my country that I never felt anywhere else in Australia,” Higgins said on the video. “It has taught me a real respect for the land and for my country that I never really appreciated before.”

Higgins continued, “We can’t just let the oil and the gas companies come and destroy this beautiful land. This is a criminal thing to do to this part of the country. It’s just wrong.”

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd doesn’t agree with Missy and several other Australians, as he’s granted $195 million in federal funds to the area’s “economic expansion.”

Still, it’s nice to see that Missy is utilizing her name and free time to speak out about something she believes in.

You can watch the video of her singing and speaking about Kimberley here. She got through to me, and I’ve never even been to Australia. Missy for prime minister!