Our All-Time Favorite Guests from “This Just Out with Liz Feldman”

When Liz Feldman announced that her beloved web talk show, This Just Out was returning after a four year hiatus, fans let out a collective “Yessssss!” The series, which played right here on AfterEllen, was a huge hit with readers for its hilarious segments, and fantastic guest stars. Liz Feldman has somehow found time to bring the show back, in between writing and creating the new show One Big Happy, and we couldn’t be happier. We took a look back and choose our favorite guest stars that This Just Out has hosted over the years.

Erin Daniels

Erin Daniels won our hearts as Dana on The L Word and we are still not over her tragic (and to many fans unnecessary) death in Season 3. Season 3! Erin is candid and very sweet about her role on the show, and takes it in stride when Liz presents her with two custom made T-shirts: one that says DEAD, and one that says ALLIVE. Maybe the extra L was for The L Word

Tegan and Sara

The talented twins have been on TJO a couple times, but this was the first episode where the two appeared together. Liz interviewed the duo backstage during a sold out, four night, concert tour stop in Los Angeles. Both Tegan and Sara were rocking peak “alternative lifestyle” haircuts that inspired a generation of queer women. Later in the show, Liz calls Tegan and asks her to be her Valentine. Awwwww.

Rose Rollins

Rose played Tasha, one of our favorite characters on The L Word and her laugh is like the sound of a thousand bells ringing. Rose is very open about the much maligned last season of the show, and isn’t shy about her disappointment with how it all panned out. We love a lady who speaks the truth.

Bridget McManus

What’s better than one funny lesbian? Two funny lesbians! Former AfterEllen writer/vlogger and dear friend Bridget McManus joins Liz to talk about queer stereotypes, being funny ladies, and visibility. It’s not only charmingit’s a laugh riot.

Kate Moennig

Kate played Shane McCutcheon, one of the most popular lesbian characters ever to grace the small screen, and she’s also one of the most popular This Just Out guests, too. She recently appeared on an episode of the rebooted show, but it’s her earlier appearances that endeared her to fans. In her second appearance, Kate has to convince Liz that she’s not actually Shane. You’ll always be Shane in our hearts, Kate.

Who has been your favorite TJO guest?