Shape Up With Ever Mainard: Tips from Professionals and Real People

I took a Zumba class and I loved it! So salsa! Much fun!  I love dancing so this class was right up my alley. I had heard about this Zumba thing but was skeptical about it since Zumba sounds like the name of a puppet on a children’s show or a bad rice dish.

I always feel like a dumb-dumb walking into a class:  You go in, you grab a towel, you stand there.. You wait for the class to start.. You start comparing yourself to others, you wonder what the others are thinking about you. Oh God, what do the others know that I don’t?! Should I just leave?  I should just leave.

Then the music starts and a very cheerful person on the microphone makes you start dancing and suddenly you don’t care what other people are thinking because all you can think about is how much fun your having! Ladies! My hips where shaking, my knees were up, and I was reaching for the stars! Zumba is my jam! I bossed that class like a boss! Are you looking for a new Zumba boss? Because its me—Ever Mainard, Zumba boss.

This was a great introductory class for people who are hesitant about group exercise. I never felt judged and got a workout in without realizing I was working out. The class was predominately ladies with different body types and different ages. It was cool to see a 75-year-old woman kicking ass next to a 23-year-old with the body of a fitness model. 

Overall I had a pretty good week. Could it have been better? Of course! Things could always be better, but at least they aren’t worse! (OK, seriously, even as I typed that I was like “Who am I?!”) 

I lost two pounds and am starting to discover (lets be honest—re-discover) new muscles in my legs. My legs are starting to tone up with all of the kettle bell swings, lunges and incline runs I have been doing. Gettin’ taut, baby! I first noticed this as I was staring at myself in the mirror when I was running on the treadmill. Oh, what? Like you don’t do that? Sure, I could run outside, but then how would I know how many calories I’ve burned?  MYFITNESSPAL DEMANDS CALORIE COUNTS! Sorry about that—Myfitnesspal has taken over my life.

I’ve also started to form my own virtual reality fitness team.  It’s encouraging to hear messages from other people as I work towards my goals, and it’s even more fun encouraging others.  I’ve never been much of a competitive person, but I’ve found that with this app I am challenging myself to stay on course with my friends.

I noticed that my friend Brittany was doing some serious calorie burns and weight loss.  Since starting in December she has lost 30 pounds! I had to reach out and see what her secret was.  Surely, with this amount of weight loss she had to be a wizard. Turns out that she isn’t a wizard, but just a really dedicated person. BUMMER! Brittany was kind enough to share some of her day-to-day habits and tips. One of the coolest things that Brittany told me about was her list of promises that she made to herself after reading Choose More to Loose More by Chris Powell


AfterEllen: What does your typical day-to-day look like?

Brittany: Every morning I wake up and do 15 push ups, 15 sit ups, and 30 squats (15 normal and then 15 inner thigh.) Then I get on TRX bands and do some arm workouts.  That’s my typical morning exercises. I take a multivitamin everyday, drink water before every meal, and if I can’t make lunch to take to work I bring protein powder.

AE: How do you track your fitness?  And what type of workouts do you do?

Brittany: I use a Fitbit and sync it to MyFitnessPal. When I’m at home, I mainly do cardio on 15 incline because I feel like my legs will look better and also give me more of a challenge. I try to do cardio at least 45 minutes but sometimes that just doesn’t happen!

AE: Has it been hard staying away from junk food?  Do you weigh yourself?

Brittany: I try not to eat after seven at the latest. I do eat shit food at work from time to time, so I think that pushes me to stay on the treadmill longer! Stupid Hershey bar eyeing me! I only weigh myself on Saturday mornings right after I wake up.

AE: I’ve heard that some people take a photo of themselves every week to track their performance- do you do that?

Brittany: I haven’t really taken any pictures during the process of my body because I think I want to be shocked when I do, so I take a picture of the scale so I can compare numbers. I’ve been losing at least two pounds a week.

AE:  Do you have a cheat day?

Brittany: Saturdays are my cheat day! If I want something I have it, but I still try not to go too overboard… If I think I’ll be drinking or eating something high in calories I try to workout before hand.

It’s been really inspiring to “workout” with Brittany on MyFitnessPal.  Sure, we don’t live in the same state, but its great to have someone that helps you push just a little bit more! I know that if I don’t workout I’ll be kicking myself when I see Brittany’s workout numbers later.