Little Brutes premieres “Make Our Own Way” music video starring Elisha Cuthbert

Rachael Cantu and her Little Brutes bandmate Harlan Silverman decided to stay out of their own music video for “Make Our Own Way,” and instead cast One Big Happy star Elisha Cuthbert in the lead role. The romantic, sexy and sweet new video (directed by Lindsey Byrnes) has viewers feeling like they’re spending the day with the actress, from waking up in bed to playing around on the beach.

DSC07902_editphoto by Lindsey Byrnes

“I wanted to make a video that feels hopeful, and makes the viewer feel like they are experiencing that pure moment when you are in love and you feel like you are the only two people on earth,” Lindsey Byrnes said. “I wanted it to be genderless, as well.  Are you a man or a woman? It doesn’t matter. Elisha is such a great actor, it’s hard not to fall in love with her in the first 30 seconds.”

“The stars could not have aligned any better for the making of this video,” Rachael told us. “I got to collaborate and make art with my dear friends, a beautiful talented lady [Elisha Cuthbert] lent us her time, support and sweetness and the final product perfectly captured the essence in which I wrote the song. It doesn’t get any better than that which is why I’m so proud to share this music video with all of you and I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me.”

Check out some great photos from the filming of the video, all shot by Lindsey Byrnes.

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