Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Kristen Ford’s “Ramblin'”

KristenFord2015mediumphoto by Menelik Puryear

Out Boston-based musician Kristen Ford knows her way around a one-night stand, as she sings about in her new song “Ramblin’.” The exclusive premiere of the video shows her rocking new song from her just-released album, Tighten it Up.

“If you want a filtered, processed product, there is an abundance of it out there. But with Tighten it Up, you get me–a dyke with tattoos and short hair using my arms and legs to make as much noise as possible and singing about the world as I experience it,” Kristen said in a press release.

Tighten It Up is not only being released as a regular album, but also a “live multi-camera video album,” and each song will have its own video release. Check out the premiere of “Ramblin'” below and keep up with Kristen to find out more each week.

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