God-des and She Rock the Mic

Even if you haven’t heard of hip-hop duo God-des and She, chances are you’ve seen them in action. They performed their song “Lick It” at Shane’s bachelor party on the Season 3 finale of The L Word. God-des admits that the sexy song is not their usual fare: “Our music isn’t sexual at all, really, so at first we really were embarrassed, but now it’s just become so normal to us. It was very different from anything we’d ever done before!“

The New York-based duo have played at some of the biggest venues in America, including the House of Blues in Chicago and Los Angeles’ famous Whiskey a Go Go, but performing on The L Word has proven to be their biggest show yet. “It was a great experience for us,” says God-des. “It was just kind of surreal, since I had been watching that show for two and a half years. It felt like a dream!”

God-des and She have been performing together for five years, with God-des rhyming and She adding her soulful voice to the mix. The result is a literate, fresh musical style that God-des says is a result of several years of evolution.

“I was rapping as God-des starting in 1996, and I used to have another singer,” God-des recalls. “We were doing our thing, and he would sing R&B hooks and we would write a lot of material together.” But eventually he had to leave, and God-des came upon She singing at a National Organization for Women benefit in Madison, Wis.

“I just thought her voice was amazing,” God-des says, “so I asked her if she wanted to start doing some songs with me, just as a side project for her because she had her own rock band. It just took off from there. We started getting asked to do a lot of shows and going all over the place, and she eventually split with her other band and focused on God-des and She full-time.”

The duo collaborate on the songwriting process, as She explains: “First we get a beat. We usually start with the music, and sometimes we come up with concepts, or I’ll get an idea. And then, God-des usually writes her words first, the meat of the story or the verses. Then I’ll take what she writes and make a concise chorus out of it, you know, the hook to reel everybody in.”

Both performers have always had their sights set on the music world. “I’ve always found that since I could speak, I’ve been singing,” says She. “I don’t really have a choice. I have to sing.”