First look at Ellen DeGeneres’s new fashion line, ED

WWD has an exclusive first look at Ellen DeGeneres‘s new clothing line from her lifestyle brad ED. The brand’s site will officially launch on May 18 and start selling items in June.

“It just doesn’t exist [elsewhere],” DeGeneres told WWD. “That’s what’s special about it. What makes a shirt different, any sweater different—it’s just all in the detail. Everything about it is casual and yet it’s chic.”

ellen-ed05photos via WWD

WWD reports that once ED launches, new items will come out twice a week. Ellen said the major factor of her brand is comfort and quality.

“My concern was if it’s got my name on it, I want to be really proud of it,” she told WWD. “I have very few things in my closet that I had held on to for eight or 10 years. I’m trying to do something classic that is going to last.”


What’s interesting is that ED is not just tomboy-ish wear, but there’s also a knit dress that’s part of the upcoming collection.

“I’m not going to wear a dress because I just don’t feel comfortable in dresses, but if I were to wear a dress it would be that dress,” Ellen said, like any good business woman would.

And although there isn’t any footwear yet, Ellen hopes to get on top of those in the future.

“There’s a joke about lesbians wearing comfortable shoes, or whatever,” she said. “I think that’s meant to be sort of a slam. But who doesn’t like comfortable shoes and who doesn’t like comfortable clothing?”

Prices will range, with T-shirts from $45 to $75 (“for hand-printing or other special treatments”) and “fall cashmeres, still unpriced, will be upward of $1,500 and could reach $2,000.” 

Outside of the adult women’s line (including jewelry) and household items, ED is collaborating with GapKids for some children’s looks. She’s also hoping to keep expanding and get her stuff into a major retailer, with plans to host a “major event” during New York Fashion week.

“I really surprised myself on how much I knew and how many opinions I had,” Ellen said. And her personal touch will be on every item, with the word “love” stitched inside jacket lapels and buttons etched with an “E.”

Right now, you can buy some of Ellen’s accessories and home decor on QVC, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to look just as smooth the talk show host.


We’ll keep you posted on further news from Ellen’s plan to take over the world.