Played Out: Fluid

It’s a gorgeous day: The sun is shining, I just left the dentist and I don’t have any cavities. Sure, she called me Alex and thinks I live in LA and am just visiting New York, but she clearly likes Alex whoever she is, so no complaints.

It’s also been a great week in music, so on that note (get it?) here’s Played Out, AfterEllen’s new music discovery playlist.

Sia – “California Dreamin’” 

From the upcoming San Andreas soundtrack, Sia just slays this ’60s classic. I can’t help it—I just love it. It’s cinematic and bursting with new life.


Girlpool – “Your Heart”

And for the comedown, Girlpool. The LA duo, comprised of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, wrote and recorded this little ditty all while pounding the pavement on tour.

 Elliphant – “Love Me Badder”

Going right back up with Elliphant’s latest—a big, bad pop number with plenty of dancehall influence. A summer banger for sure.  

 Sorority Noise – “Art School Wannabe”

 The “Hey, I feel like that!” track of the week. Also happens to be a very fun, fitting, summer rock single.

 AMES – “Fluid”

Amy Kuney, now performing under Ames, just posted this beautiful track. Not much other information on it or her yet, but stay tuned for what I imagine will be a lovely video in the near future.


Haelos – “Sun Rising”

Haelos is a London based trip-hop cum synth-pop trio that I am falling hard and fast for. Their rework of the ’80s new wave/house band Beloved is a slam dunk. 

 Leon Bridges – “Better Man”

Bridges on-the-nose interpretation of ’60s blues is just so spot on it’s incredible. Another welcomed single from the Texan soul man.


 Future Brown feat. Tink – “Room 302”

I figured why not follow Leon Bridges throwback with Future Brown and what might well be the future of music. The track’s been out for a bit, but now it’s got this slick little lyric video to accompany it.

 Laura Clock – “Fade”

Berlin-based Laura Clock’s first new music in two years this moombahton tinged single is a pretty perfect late night feel. Around 1:30 the song really starts to pick up. Give it a listen.


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