Pride T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Other Gay Gear You’ll Be Proud to Wear

Another Pride, another super gay outfit needed! Okay, so you don’t have to get decked out in rainbows, but if any time is the right time, it’s now. This year, so many brands are getting in on Gay Pride and they are getting creative with their colorful and humorous designs. We’ve compiled some of our faves and recommend you try one or two of these out at the parade, dyke march or other proud event near you.

Brooklyn Industries

These tank tops are unisex and 10 percent of the proceeds benefit the Ali Forney Center.

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Bobo Academy

This lesbian-owned apparel company makes some of the most hilarious/cute Ts, tanks and sweatshirts year-round.

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Hillary Clinton

Hilary is so gay for you. Thirty bucks gets you a tank top that will benefit her campaign.


American Apparel

The company that brought you Legalize Gay is teaming up with the HRC for a series called Equality Forward. Both tanks and Ts are $26.




You can have pride on your chest, back, head and feet with Nike’s #BeTrue collection.



Levi’s Pride Collection benefits LGBT charities including the Stonewall Foundation. My favorite look is the T-shirt which features a timeline of historic moments for the LGBT community on the back.



Major League Baseball


Show your pride for both teams, sports fan. Hats are $19.99 and shirts are $29.99.


Look Human

From the company that brings you shirts like “That’s so hetero of you…” Seriously, so many great queer shirts for every day of the year.



Hot Topic

Hot Topic’s Ts are super affordable, ranging from $16-$25. 



The major retailer’s running a special where you can buy one shirt and get the second 50 percent off. Might we suggest these two?