The queer female characters of DC Comics

With its ever-growing cast of LGBTQ characters, DC Comics has been a leader in featuring LGBTQ heroes and villains in the mainstream market. Learn all about the history of your favorite leading ladies—ahem, Scandal Savage—in this video from the Advocate and DC ALL Access. 

So here’s to the queer women characters of the DC Universe, including those that weren’t mentioned in the video.

Maggie Sawyer (Superman)Maggie_Sawyer

Ice Maiden (Justice League America)

Detective Renee Montoya/The Question and Batwoman (Batwoman)Renee Montoya and Batwoman

Catwoman and Eiko Hasigaway (Batman)Cat Woman Gay

 Grace and Thunder (Thunder)Grace and Thunder

Scandal Savage and Knockout (Knockout)scandal-knockout-kiss

Grace Choi (Outsiders)Grace Choi

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