“I Kissed a Girl” is a charming doc series about first kisses

Most of us have (or will have) a first kiss story. I mean with a woman, though perhaps it’s one and the same for you. Maybe you were 12, or maybe you were 20. Maybe you’ve recalled it everyday since, or maybe you were too drunk at the time to remember. Maybe it was so good that you felt it all over, or maybe it was a bit awkward and kind of underwhelming. Point is it happened, and it’s a story you’re going to tell time and time again. But would you share it with the world? The ladies of new doc series I Kissed a Girl certainly did. 


The four-part series from Tello Films premiered on May 31, with new episodes airing every Sunday in June. Originally an 11-minute short film, director Jen Sheridan expanded the series to highlight the first girl-kiss stories of 25 women.

If you appreciated the doc-style and Southern drawls of L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin, you’ll like I Kissed a Girl. The series features women of color and a good mix of butch and femme women, which is always nice to see. Having watched all four episodes, I can tell you these women don’t shy away from getting personal.

Each episode (all average around 10 minutes) is structured with a few quick hits of women briefly recapping their first girl-kiss, followed by a much more in-depth interview with one subject. Those lengthier interviews are the jewels of this series.

Several of the women featured have been married to men and had children as a result. Many come from deeply religious backgrounds. For these women, family rejection is very real. Their first kiss with a woman was life-changing, for better and for worse–but fortunately mostly for better.


College hook-ups, getting down in the Navy, affairs, and pastors’ wives–these Southern women have stories! Now sitting down and sharing your story over drinks with friends, that’s pretty normal. Telling a bunch of strangers? That’s brave, and pretty special.

Although too short for my liking, I Kissed a Girl is a charming series I think we would all benefit from seeing more of.

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