It’s time to vote for the AfterEllen 2015 Hot 100!



It’s been eight years since AfterEllen launched our Hot 100, our answer to the men’s magazine’s lists of sexy women as decided by a group of heterosexual guys. And, as we said in that very first poll, “Clearly, what straight men and lesbians find sexy in a woman is a little bit different.”

Queer women have a more nuanced idea of what makes someone sexy. That includes a woman’s body, mind and soul. And when it comes to “body,” we even have a different idea of what makes someone’s shell so enticing. Compared to the FHM and Maxim lists of the world, we are far more interested in praising women of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages and abilities. We celebrate the listmakers for their bodies of work as much as we do anything else about them.

So it’s that time again where we’re asking you to weigh in with your top 10 picks for the hottest women alive. You have from now until Monday, August 24 at noon PST to vote. Think long and hard because you can only vote once. And if you’re having a hard time narrowing it down to 10, we’re sure some of the other readers will help persuade you on who deserves the vote.

The Hot 100 poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!