Ashley Mardell and Alayna Fender discuss coming out on YouTube

YouTube has brought us many things: cats riding on Roombas, people saying funny things after oral surgery, compilation videos of women kissing, etc. The medium has also brought about a new type of celebrity and pop culture doyen: The YouTuber.

Out YouTubers have been reaching the masses in a way that is rather unprecedented. When YouTube personality Ingrid Nilsen came out recently in a teary and heartfelt post, the video made the rounds on social media and news outlets galore. It’s still a big deal to tell your truth, and YouTube is more and more becoming the place to do so.

Vlogger Ashley Mardell was a guest this year on our Let’s Process podcast, and has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ visibility. This week, she was joined by fellow YouTuber Alayna Fender, who came out as bisexual for the first time to viewers. Alayna talks about being inspired to come out because of other YouTubers who have done the same. Their conversation is very interesting and thoughtful, and worth checking out.